Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Miniature Paintings of Lucerne Valley, California

First Lucerne Valley Painting
I think this one is my favorite.
Creosote Sunset
I worked on my first paintings at my new house today. Unfortunately the sun went down before I had time to finish but I'll show you what I did anyway.  I haven't been to the store to buy oil paints or masonite yet, so all of these are done on watercolor paper with acrylic paint.  If you want me to set one aside for purchase please let me know.

I'm using someone elses computer so I can't crop these perfectly.  Some of the margins have a slice of the painting next to it that won't be there when these are cut apart for framing. And as always, monitor colors may vary. Each painting is approximately 4" x 3".

Joshua Tree Sunset
One of them was of my Halloween pumpkin, since this is Halloween after all.
Turquoise House

Warty Pumpkin

Vespertine Hills

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